Create a cost advantage

Getting more done with the same workforce

In the fast-paced and competitive world we’re living in, finding ways to do more with the same workforce is crucial for success. The projects are massive, but margins are small, so it’s essential to improve your effectiveness, which will result in bigger margins constantly.

Often, companies purchase IT solutions that don’t fit the organisational needs. 

This creates additional complexity to ensure the business process can be supported with additional MS Excel overviews and forms. Ultimately, data must still be entered into IT solutions for reporting purposes. This is an exact example of how IT slows you down instead of accelerates youSecondly, more and more applications need to be used. 

Most of the time, they work great individually, but combining data, integration, and optimisation over multiple applications isn’t thought of, which requires more time to work with all the applications. 

As a company, you want your employees to spend less time on activities that do not add to productive time. We can help you solve these challenges!

For example:

Nowadays, a construction company doesn’t only build.

With the constantly changing regulations, health and safety standards, and quality control, you are spending many hours on supporting activities. 

You want to avoid spending too many hours on these supporting activities. Ultimately, you’re being paid for building something, not administration services. IT solutions can help with optimisation and automation but can also result in even more complex situations and additional manual work.

Custom applications are 70% faster than traditional software

With our low-code platform, we can build custom applications 70% faster than traditional software development. With our method of creating custom software for your business, you’re sure the solutions fit your needs.  This results in acceleration instead of slowing you down. This tool will ensure your foundation is in place on which you can rely for the future since it will allow you to:

Simplify complex workflows

Combine multiple data sources in one application, which is user-friendly and can be used by multiple roles for your business to integrate back into any application, which prevents manual work.

Meet your unique organization requirements

Create custom applications that solve your specific company challenge and can be adjusted to your needs to ensure adoptability by creating user-friendly solutions together with your business. Create solutions that fit instead of creating more workarounds IT solutions which create more harm than good.

Decrease Leadtime of workflows and miscommunication

Translate your Excel spreadsheets into future-proof solutions. Let your employees work together in applications instead of Excel or paper forms. Make sure the workflow is optimized and collaboration is possible to prevent miscommunication and dramatically decrease lead times of decisions.


Create software that is compatible with desktops, tablets & phones.

Online and offline mode

Create applications that can be used without internet access. This allows you to work in remote locations, underground or within a concrete building without internet.

We've helped numerous companies achieve significant productivity gains with our low-code Mendix solutions.

Over the last 20 years, we created more than 300+ applications for 50+ clients 

Here are just a few examples:

“Stimulate innovation by creating application within weeks”
“Share data between 50 applications with more than 1000 integrations”
“Creating a competitive advantage – enhancing the customer journey”
“Build a future proof IT architecture to gain a competitive edge”

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With our APAC office in Sydney we  help organizations to digitally transform. We work with you to solve business problems and rely on proven technologies and our battle-tested methodology.

We are a partner for the long term, and we don’t leave you after delivering a project. We’ve successfully completed more than 350 IT projects over the last 20 years.

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