Leverage IT to gain a competitive advantage

Differentiating within your industry is essential

Differentiating within your industry is essential for your company to win projects and tenders. Competitive advantages are generated by the extra value that a company can produce for its customers in certain areas..

For example:
According to recently conducted research, 5 out of 15 factors are related to technology within the construction industry (2022 V. Leontie). If done correctly, you can differentiate yourself from competitors by leveraging IT.

How to win in a competitive market?

Let’s take the construction industry for example. This is an extremely competitive market to operate in. It’s not easy to win a tender, let alone execute a project as expected and end up with the desired profit margin. IT can be used to gain a competitive advantage.

However, IT doesn’t solve it directly.

IT can become too complex and slow you down

Companies nowadays have over 100 IT solutions. Most of these solutions are generic products (off-the-shelf) that don’t guarantee that the solution fits your organizational needs.  

As a result, workarounds must be implemented to enable your business to ensure these technologies are compatible with the processes you are used to. Employees are obliged to produce superfluous materials, like  Excel, forms, as well as  the required extra admin to  ensure processes are followed appropriately within the context of that IT solution. 

Even worse is when customization in IT systems is done, which is becoming too complex. Therefore, creating more customizations takes even longer; therefore, you as a business are locked in, forcing you to work around IT. This is contradictory to the purpose of IT to create more efficiency.

Your industry is constantly evolving

Technology has become an intrinsic and prominent component of business operations over the last few years. Building Information Modeling (BIM), project management tooling, forecasting, and supply chain solutions technology are accelerating the industry. As a construction company, you need to get on board with technology now, as its necessity is only going to grow.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, communication tools have been implemented across all businesses and have been crucial to ensuring businesses can continue to operate amongst the restrictions.

You cannot stay behind. We’re not even talking about a competitive advantage. To gain a competitive advantage, you need to outpace your competitors.

AI, Augmented reality, Virtual Reality and drones are technologies that will become part of the conversation, with the likelihood of these being implemented only increasing over the next couple of years. If your organization doesn’t adopt new technologies, learn to work with them and integrate them into the current working methods/processes, it is likely that you will fall behind your competitors. Agility, speed and an innovative mindset are essential. However, this can only be achieved when you have the right foundation, and your organization can adjust at scale.

The solution

It’s simple: You must outpace your competitors to gain a competitive advantage, whether that’s on service, price, timing or specializations.

Outpace your competitors

Outpacing your competitors can only happen if you’re faster and more flexible. Your organization needs to be agile, which requires the right mindset, method and tools. For IT, you need a foundation you can rely on for flexibility and stability.

However, it still offers the flexibility to meet the changing demands of customers, employees and trends in the market.

Rapid innovation

Leverage technologies like low code, enabling you to create software 70% faster than traditional software development. This will result in you adjusting to the constantly changing world, as well as employee and customer requirements. Enhance the customer journey, create solutions that fit organizational needs and set up services that are unique to your business. Combining this with new technologies will result in acceleration you’ve never experienced before.

Create a cost edge

Create automated solutions that make an impact through providing solutions created for your organization’s demands, together with your business.

Your business will be accelerated and relieved of complex, manual, and unfit-for-purpose processes from the outset. Start creating a cost edge with a real impact.

We've helped numerous companies achieve a competitive advantage with our low-code Mendix solutions.

Over the last 20 years, we created more than 300+ applications for 50+ clients 

Here are just a few examples:

“Stimulate innovation by creating application within weeks”
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“Creating a competitive advantage – enhancing the customer journey”
“Build a future proof IT architecture to gain a competitive edge”

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