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CAPE helps organizations to digitally transform. We work with you to solve business problems and rely on proven technologies and our battle-tested methodology. We are a partner for the long run, and we don’t leave you after delivering a project.

What makes us unique

With the technologies we use, our business-focused consultants can deliver any software solutions you need and deliver this alongside you. We tailor our approach to your environment. We also respect that you are the expert in your domain, and we are in it to guide you to work towards your digital goals. We work alongside you but feel like your employees. We own your challenge and work until it's a success.

Our employees

Our employees are entrepreneurial, business focused and communication heroes. We don't give up if we come across a new problem, or like we call them, "challenges". We help you to deal with these challenges and own these together with you. We are known for our practical approach and make a real impact at a lightning-fast pace. We do this together with you, since no one knows your organisation as well as you do. We love to help our clients and want to make them succeed.

We have helped more than 50+ customers digitize their businesses and deliver more than 300+ applications. We helped clients change IT departments to become more agile, setting up integration platforms and helping them to be ready for the future.


Since mid-2022, we’ve been active in Australia and are currently working on onboarding our first clients and employees published in a recent article. We’re based in Sydney but work all over Australia. We’ll do this with the same passion as we did back in Europe.   





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Did you know our History?

Initially founded in 2000 in the Netherlands, CAPE helped companies choose suitable standard software solutions (ERP, TMS, WMS, CRM). However, during this period, we never found the perfect fit with the organization and the off-the-shelf software products. Every organization is unique, and processes are different. As a business owner, you want to support your business with the right software solution and prevent software is slowing you down instead of enabling you to perform better. Our business-focused consultants wanted to solve this. In 2007 a new technology company was founded (Mendix), enabling business people to build software without any IT background with their low-code solutions. Since then, we have also adopted a low-code integration solution (eMagiz iPaaS) to help our clients implement integrations with the same mindset.