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Mendix partner Australia

With the opening of our APAC office in Sydney we are helping Mendix Australia to digitalize the Australian market. Mendix is a leading enterprise low-code application platform and has been awarded 4th consecutive times by Gartner as leader & visionary in the Magic Quadrant. In 2018 Mendix was acquired by Siemens to become part of the Siemens digital industries software. This acquisition helped Mendix to further its R&D capabilities & expand to the rest of the world.

Explore the Gartner report yourself.

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CAPE is a Mendix partner since 2007

We’ve been working closely with Mendix since our first projects in 2007. Over the last 15 years, we created over 300+ applications for 50+ clients. Throughout these years, we mastered Mendix but also are strongly connected to the entire Mendix organization. We’re helping Mendix Australia to show the Australian, and APAC region the capabilities of Mendix. Our experience and deep understanding of Mendix help us to use it in the best way. Setting up applications and platforms or helping you to set up your centre of excellence with Mendix capabilities.  You can find more information on our ‘About us‘ and ‘Our Approach‘ pages. 

In 2022 we opened our
APAC office located in Sydney to support this region. 


Mendix is founded in 2000 and since then been grown to the leader in enterprise low-code application and platform tooling. Over the last two decades, it proved itself:

  • 200.000+ applications created;
  • 50 million worldwide users;
  • 300.000 developers;
  • 4000+ companies depend on Mendix.

Enterprise app development

Accelerate all phases of the app developement with just one tool 10 times faster then regular IT development. 

Create applications with just one click and deploy to the cloud easily. 

Digital transformation

Balance priorities and streamline digital initiatives. Mendix enables your organization to be equipped with the right tooling to get create business value. 

Customer experience

Deliver compelling experiences across all digital touchpoints with just one platform.

With Mendix there is no need to have a different front- and back-end team which enables you to have a smooth proces without any hick-ups. 


Build cross-platform apps for all users, devices and operational systems. 

Make your own Android, iOS apps with just one platform. 

Workflow automation

Digitalize processes with end-to-end automation.

You can easily add new workflows in Mendix to further automate your business. 

Legacy modernization

Extend, migrate or replace your core system.

Mendix can easily integrate with any system. This enables you to combine data from your TMS, ERP, WMS or CMS in just one platform. 

Both internal & external users can have access to Mendix. 

Want to learn more about Mendix?

Do you want to learn more about the possiblities for you in Australia or the APAC regio. Feel free to contact us.