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In your industry, you design, construct and maintain buildings or infrastructure.The value of projects are massive, but margins are small. Do you want to maintain your profit margins, or even improve them? The key is to manage your projects from start to finish and optimize your processes. IT can help you achieve this. However, if improperly managed you’ll only encounter minor improvements or, even worse, you risk being slowed down.

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About how we helped more than 50 clients over the last 20 years achieve a cost edge, by creating a future-proof IT organization that resulted in acceleration and competitive advantages.

The construction industry is as competitive as ever

IT acceleration can only be achieved if you have the right foundation in place. Like construction, foundation is key for the later construction phases. Without a foundation, the process is slow, unresponsive to changes throughout the build, and prone to numerous risks. Even worse is the possibility of not completing the project at all. The tools you utilize need to be the right ones to achieve success.

Alongside the foundation, your employees need the right tools and an understanding of how to use them. With over20 years of experience, we have been helping companies implement these three core elements to create acceleration with IT.

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IT acceleration can only be achieved if you have the proper foundation. Like construction, the foundation is key for the later construction phases. If this isn’t done right, the realization will be slowed down. Or even worse, you will not be able to complete the construction project.

Nowadays, a construction company doesn’t only build. With the constantly changing regulations, health and safety standards, sustainability goals, and quality control, you must prevent spending too much time on these activities. ith the tight labor market and expensive labor costs, it’s even more important to spend less time on supporting activities, and building. Ultimately, you’re being paid for building something, not administration services. Therefore performing these activities in less time is crucial to realizing a cost edge.

Secondly, the construction market is constantly evolving. With the recent COVID pandemic, technology has become even more prominent in the industry. Technology can be of great help in forecasting projects, supply chain issues and integration within the construction site, like BIM. One of the challenges with the amount of technology is how you can add value over the entire supply chain. On average, companies use more than 100+ software programs. Most of them have great advantages individually, but combining and integration can be hard. Secondly, every organization is different and, therefore, has different processes. Using software that is used by multiple companies never really fits and supportive processes, excels and complex approval flows are added. As a construction company you want to build, you don’t want to manage multiple applications. You need a solution that can adjust to your needs,and can evolve over time.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve helped numerous companies create a future-proof IT landscape. Here are just a few examples:

“Stimulate innovation by creating application within weeks”
“Share data between 50 applications with more than 1000 integrations”
“Creating a competitive advantage – enhancing the customer journey”
“Build a future proof IT architecture to gain a competitive edge”


Our IT solutions are wholly focused on making a positive business impact for organizations, through leveraging our technology to address business challenges, tailoring them to the unique business needs and seamlessly integrating it with your pre-existing technologies. We can help you build the required foundation (hyperlink future IT) to enable your flexibility, create a cost edge, all with the ultimate goal of gaining a competitive advantage in mind.

  • Outpace competitors with rapid innovation to create custom applications to meet your unique organizational needs
  • Create a cost edge by automating manual processes across all business units.
  • We leverage low-code, which creates software 70% faster than traditional coding
    • Create a production-ready system within weeks instead of months and years
    • Integrate with any application, technology or devices to maximize automation opportunities.
    • Suitable for any device (mobile / desktop / tablet )

App and platform development

Integration platform

DevOps and Agile transformation

Maintenance and 24/7 support


Over the last 20 years, we have created more than 300 custom applications for more than 50 clients. We helped them create cost advantages (LINK), ensured their IT was future-proof to create a resilient but adaptive foundation tomeet the constantly changing requirements of clients, employees and trends into the market; this culminated in securing our clients competitive advantages:

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Within our APAC office in Sydney we help organizations to digitally transform. We work with you to solve business problems that rely on proven technologies and our battle-tested methodologies.

We are a partner for the long term, and we don’t leave you after delivering a project. We’ve successfully completed more than 350 IT  projects over the last 20 years.

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