At CAPE Groep, we excel in developing applications and integrations for organizations in transport & logistics, supply chain, construction, and agrifood through our advanced use of low code technology like Mendix.

We follow our proven CAPE method, based on Scrum/Agile, and provide comprehensive training through our Academy to ensure continuous learning. With our organization boasting an average age of 31, we offer a vibrant and dynamic environment, abundant in seniority and expertise, to drive your continuous growth.

Current job offers:

Harmjan-CAPE digital solutions

Harmjan Oonk

What makes us unique:

Challenging projects:

Work on groundbreaking projects within various sectors such as Transport, Logistics, Supply Chain, Construction, and Agrifood.

Innovative work environment:

Join a team of experts always seeking new insights and technologies to push boundaries.

Collaboration and growth:

Work closely with colleagues and clients, and grow in an environment that encourages personal and professional development.

Societal impact:

Help organizations digitalize their business processes and make supply chain collaborations smarter and more efficient.