AI-Assisted Development with Mendix

Welcome to the first article in our series where explore ways to elevate your app development experience  by using the coolest and most powerful features of Mendix. As a Mendix expert, I’m always on the lookout for features that can enhance our development processes and deliver better results faster.  
Today I will discuss a really cool feature of Mendix, the Best Practice Bot. I’ll also give you 3 practical tips on how you can use this tool to improve your development process.

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What is the Best Practice Bot? 

This innovative tool uses artificial intelligence to streamline and accelerate the app development process, reducing the need for similar expensive third-party tools. The Mendix Best Practice Bot provides real-time guidance and best practice suggestions as you develop your application. Whether you’re defining data models, designing user interfaces, or setting up microflow flows, the Best Practice Bot offers context-specific recommendations that help you adhere to best practices and avoid common pitfalls.


Why should you use it? 

Because it does not only speeds up the development process but also ensures consistency and high quality across your applications. This feature is particularly advantageous for companies looking to build their own in-house development teams. Starting developers don’t need to know all the best practices upfront, as the Mendix Best Practice Bot guides them through the process. Allowing teams to quickly become the owners of their own applications, empowering them to implement changes rapidly without relying heavily on external expertise. 

My 3 tips: 

Having a tool like the assistance bot in your toolbox is nice. But you need to have a development process in place so that it will become a your teams daily routine to actually reap the benefits of it.

CAPE & Mendix

At CAPE, we’ve empowered numerous companies with self-enablement, guiding them right from the outset. From establishing foundational elements to strategizing complexities and architecture, we ensure that your team is well-equipped to embark on its low-code development journey. 

Our comprehensive approach includes hands-on training for your employees, ensuring they possess the skills and knowledge necessary to kickstart your own in-house development team. With our support, you’ll be fully prepared to leverage the Mendix Best Practice Bot and other powerful features, propelling your organization towards efficient and independent app development.

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