Chelsea Veenstra

Mendix Certified Expert

Introduction Chelsea 

Introducing Chelsea, our latest addition to the CAPE Digital Solutions team! At the start of May 2024, Chelsea joined our ranks, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. With pride, we announce that Chelsea is the sole Mendix Certified Expert in Australia, bringing unparalleled expertise to our projects. 

In this blog

Can you give us a short introduction about yourself?

Hello, I’m Chelsea Veenstra. I’ve been working for CAPE in Europe for the last six years and am excited to come to Australia to help set up the Mendix ecosystem in Australia. Over the last couple of years, I have worked for various clients and projects in the Mendix domain. I led DevOps teams, helped set up platforms, and have experience setting up a Centre of Excellence for our clients.  

I’m known for my passion for progress and unwavering discipline, I thrive on taking action rather than dwelling on extensive planning sessions. This drive spills over into my love for CrossFit, where you’ll often find me pushing boundaries and achieving new feats at the gym. For both working as a Mendix Tech lead and CrossFit, it’s the diversity that keeps me hooked—it’s a realm where there’s always room for improvement. Beyond the barbells and sweat, I the love sense of community that comes with it. Meeting new people, forging meaningful connections, and being part of something bigger is what truly energizes me. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in technology, and what excites you most about working with Mendix? 

During my studies in business and innovation, I was always fascinated by the challenge of bridging the gap between business and IT. I saw potential in ensuring that IT teams were not only building the right solutions but also capable of adapting quickly to changes. This intersection of business needs and technological capabilities inspired me to pursue a career where I could facilitate better communication and collaboration between these two critical areas. 

What excites me most about working with Mendix is its powerful low-code platform that enables rapid development and iteration. Mendix allows us to align IT solutions closely with business objectives, ensuring we deliver value from the outset and swiftly adapt to evolving requirements. 

Can you share a significant project or achievement from your past experience that you're particularly proud of? 

One of the projects I am most proud of was leading the development of a comprehensive eCommerce solution for one of the largest logistics companies in the Netherlands. This project was a significant undertaking due to its scale and complexity. We aimed to create a robust platform that could handle high transaction volumes, integrate seamlessly with existing logistics systems, and provide an exceptional user experience. Despite the challenges, we successfully delivered a solution that met and exceeded the client’s expectations, streamlining their operations and boosting customer satisfaction.

This achievement was a testament to our team’s dedication, innovative thinking, and collaborative effort, and it remains a highlight of my career. 

What are your key goals as a Technical Lead for Mendix projects at our company? 

As a Technical Lead, my primary goals are to ensure the successful delivery of high-quality Mendix applications, foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the team, and build strong relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations. I aim to leverage Mendix’s capabilities to drive digital transformation for our clients, helping them achieve their strategic objectives. 

How do you approach problem-solving and innovation in your projects? 

I believe in a systematic approach to problem-solving, starting with a thorough analysis to understand the root cause, then brainstorming and evaluating potential solutions. Collaboration is key, so I encourage team input and diverse perspectives to find the best solutions. Innovation comes from staying curious and open-minded, always looking for ways to leverage new technologies and methodologies to improve our processes and deliver better results. 

What do you see as the biggest trends or future developments in the field of low-code development, and how do you plan to leverage them for our clients? 

The biggest trends in low-code development include the rise of AI-assisted development, increased emphasis on user experience, and the integration of IoT capabilities. I plan to leverage these trends by incorporating AI tools to enhance our development processes, software quality and scalability, ensuring our applications provide seamless and intuitive user experiences, and exploring IoT integrations to offer more comprehensive solutions. Staying ahead of these trends will allow us to deliver cutting-edge applications. 

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