Proof of concept

Did you ever wonder how a low-code tool works?

During this live proof of concept build, Harmjan will take you along from start to finish. He’ll show how an application is created and published to the cloud. 

In just an hour, he’ll build an application that:

  • Enables user to book assets
  • Select project-specific assets with customisable project configuration
  • Use your phone to create photos for incident registration and synchronise with the web application
  • publish the application to the cloud and uses the application on both the web browser and mobile phone.


Note: this is just an example of the capabilities of a low-code tool (Mendix). Low code can be used across multiple industries, from banking, supply chain, insurance, and construction to healthcare. Over the last 20 years, we have built over 300 unique applications for many clients. If you’re curious about the possibilities for your use case or if we can solve your problem feel free to contact us.

Download our proof of concept video today

In this 1 hour video you discover

  • Introduction about the use case
  • Create the application & enter the data
  • Create user stories in the KANBAN board
  • User story 1 & 2: Manage data in the applications and show front-end
  • User story 3: Create project configuration feature
  • User story 4: Apply project configuration to select specific assets in the application
  • User story 5: Feature to register incidents and issues + use camera from laptop + mobile phone
  • Recap & publish application to the cloud
  • Use mobile phone & web application to demo the application in the cloud.