Off-the-shelf vs custom software: Advantages & Disadvantages

Off-the-shelf vs custom software: Advantages & Disadvantages In this article you will learn about the real difference between custom made- and off-the-shelf software looked upon from a modern (2023) standing point. It is particularly helpful when you have to decide between the two options and need to refresh or renew your knowledge of the two […]

What is no-, low- and highcode?

The best type of code & its differences: no-, low- and highcode The world is rapidly changing, and so is the world of developing software solutions. Traditionally you always needed a team of IT developers to build software in languages you could never understand. Nowadays, multiple solutions exist to create software without even writing one […]

Top 10 tech executive predictions for 2023 according to Forrester

Top 10 tech & IT trends predicted by Forrester in 2023 Are you aware of the top 10 predictions for 2023?​ We are already a few weeks into 2023, and the end of January is approaching. Before you know it, the year is over, and you have yet to spend time adapting or preparing for […]

CAPE goes downunder

CAPE goes down under CAPE opens a new office in Sydney, Australia, to expand in the APAC region. In the Netherlands, CAPE is a business and IT consulting firm helping clients with their digital transformation initiatives. CAPE focuses on three main pillars in their approach, People, Method and Technology (Mendix and eMagiz). CAPE has 80+ […]